Crappy Job Survival Guide

Well it’s not really a guide more so an article and list, but guide sounded better. This one is for all you trucking along like a zombie at a job you hate/dislike. The goal I think in the end is to do what you love, unfortunately sometimes that takes time which means possibly getting paid to ask people if they want fries with that.

Do what you love, but until then here’s the top ten ways to survive your crappy job from Adam Dachis

Read the full article HERE, for the list to make complete sense.

  1. Get some perspective
  2. Bring yourself to work
  3. Watch out for false starts
  4. Be Healthy
  5. Block out negative conversation
  6. Take a pay cut
  7. Get along with your co-workers
  8. Find Balance
  9. Learn to deal with your crazy boss



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