Our Future Is To Be Determined

TBD is a free newsletter that delivers one world-shaking idea and one collective action to improve our future.

TBD is a glimpse of what the future can be.

Where people create real value.
Where business is a good thing.
Where charity is implicit.
Where we work smarter, not harder.
Where our work life is our life’s work.

Some might call us optimists, but we’d say we’re empiricists. That’s because people are continuously building the future right now. The beginnings of new systems and solutions that offer us a better way of living are all around us.

We want to share that with you. So TBD delivers just these kinds of world-shaking ideas. But it can’t stop there; a better future depends on the collective actions and support of people like you. With each TBD email, we offer one simple action you can take to improve our future.

Is a better future really possible? That is To Be Determined by you.

Our future is TBD—what will you make it?

(from ourfutureisTBD.com)


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