Give More by Eating Less.


Remember when your mom told you not to waste your food because of all the other starving children? I think the founders of Halfsies really GOT the message.

About 40 percent of the food produced in the US isn’t consumed. Every day Americans waste enough food to fill the Rose Bowl. Every darn day!

Halfsies tries to solve that problem by turning the simple act of dining out into an opportunity to do good.

How it all works is participating restaurants would choose select meals in which you have the option to “go halfsies”, you would then receive a half portion of your meal, while still paying full price, and then the portion of your meal price would go towards helping others in need. So you will not only get a far more healthier portion of your meal, you would help feed someone else in need and waste nothing, just like mama told you to do.

For more information on halfsies and how to get involved click here. 

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