Live Through This, a project about life after a suicide attempt

Live Through This   is a project about life on the other side of a suicide attempt.

here’s the breakdown from the website:

A suicide attempt is made once every minute in the United States; a suicide is completed once every 15 to 18 minutes. The annual suicide rate is higher than the mortality rates from homicide, AIDS, and most forms of cancer.

Live Through Thisis a project about life on the other side of a suicide attempt.

Through the presentation of portraits of suicide attempt survivors and the stories they share, the mission of Live Through Thisis as follows:

·present suicide as the complex, multi-dimensional issue it is;

·reduce stigma and break down stereotypes associated with suicide and who considers/attempts it by showing the viewer the faces of those who have lived through the experience and gone on to lead successful, fulfilling lives;

·increase awareness of suicide as a pervasive social issue that no one is immune to;

·promote suicide prevention education;

·encourage dialogue about suicide, especially if a loved one is potentially at-risk;

· reduce the fear and taboo of “suicide” as a dirty word.

 Dese’Rae L. Stage , who founded the project says:

I believe I can begin to achieve these goals by embracing individuals who have come out from behind their veil of shame to tell me–and the world–who they are now and who they were, where and how they got there, and what brought them to a place in time where they relish their ability to continue living. In sharing their journeys of struggle and survival, we can begin to honor, respect, and educate in an open and accepting forum. The hope is that our voices will strengthen and compel those in need (self, family, friends, co-workers) to get the help they require.

Ideally, the work will culminate in gallery exhibitions, as well as in book format.

See the Live Through This Project HERE.


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