Wants For Sale / Needs For Sale

Imagine painting something you wanted like a piece of pizza or a gold watch and then all the sudden that painting becomes real, and you get exactly what you painted.

That would be AMAZING.

I guess the only thing that would be more amazing is if it really happened. Well enter artists Christine & Justin Gignac, who started a project called Wants For Sale:


Wants For Sale was started in July 2007 by Christine & Justin Gignac. All of the paintings on Wants For Sale are the price of the actual item shown in the painting, whether that’s “A Slice of Pepperoni Pizza” for $3.00 or “A Gold Watch” for $287.19. After each painting is sold, the original wanted item is purchased and photographed for this very website you are on right now.

Prices of paintings can range anywhere from $0 to $1,000,000 and may be of general wants or part of a series like “A Vegas Vacation” or “As Seen On TV.”

After working on this project for a couple months they realized something they both really wanted was the ability to help others, with that in mind they created Needs For Sale:


Needs for Sale was started in November 2007 as a way to inspire others to help charities with the incentive of art.

Each painting represents a need that we would like to fill. From toys for kids at Christmas, to food for the hungry, to building supplies for people who have lost their homes.

100% of each sale will be donated to charity. So whether you want some good karma for your walls, or just like the picture we painted, it all helps make a difference.

Visit Wants For Sale and Needs For Sale here


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