Philanthropy Factory//NEWS

Hello all you beautiful people, for all those who follow the site and even all those who just come and visit, first and foremost, THANK YOU!

There are several new things going on and we just wanted to keep you up to date on everything as to make sure you don’t miss a beat.

1.We have several new projects launched you should check out:

Good News (a regular dose of feel good news)

Do Good Directory (an online directory of the best tools and resources for doing good)

2.We have several new projects in the works:

Public Service Announcements (coming)

This Book Will Change Your World (coming)

3. And last but not least if you live in the Houston area we are launching a street team like no other street team you’ve seen before (and no it won’t be a Philanthropy Factory promo team, but waaaaay cooler!) So stay tuned and be sure to check out all the new things as well as check back for the things to come!

Other then that, all that’s left to say is a good day to you sir/maam.

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