This Money Has Been Used For Good

good money

Good Money is a project by Good Virus that seeks to encourage people to use their money for good.

In their own words:

“We are stamping ones and fives with “THIS MONEY HAS BEEN USED FOR GOOD”. The idea is to use this money for charitable donations. We want to see if the Good Virus effect plays out with money. We’re thinking that if say we give a few dollars to someone who needs food. Then once the money is in circulation, perhaps the next person who gets the bill will read the message and be inspired to spend it on a good cause too, and so on and so on…”

“You can buy the stamp for $9.50 (our cost), or simply write “THIS MONEY HAS BEEN USED FOR GOOD” in your own letters. It doesn’t really matter. All We ask is that people enter the serial number on the map, so we can map and track the effect.”

(via trendhunter)


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