Will Ferrell’s Super Mega Sexy Hot Tan

     Will Ferrell's Super Mega Sexy Hot Tan - 2 bottles  - with Free Shipping

 “The sun is an evil celestial demon. It tricks us into worshiping it with its warm alluring rays and bright primary color. Don’t be fooled. It was to destroy us and is hell bent on world domination. I’ve worked in my lab with a team of skin scientists and retired astronaut Brock Sternum to create what we think is our best sunscreen yet.”
– Will Ferrell, Celebrity Lotion Advocate
But seriously folks this IS for real! Will Ferrell teamed up with the organization Cancer for College to launch his own line of Charitable Sunscreen to raise awareness and money for cancer survivors.
The sunscreen is actual sunscreen you can use and proceeds of each bottle will go towards Cancer for College, which provides scholarships for Cancer Survivors.

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