Emotional First Aid Kits

Emotional First Aid Kits

The Emotional First Aid Kit by designer Rui Sun was created for mental health awareness. He developed the kit as a way of showing that our emotional health is equally as important as our physical health.

“In spite of culture, background, wealth – everybody suffers the same emotional ups and downs of life,” said the designer. “What if we treated emotional health equally to psychical health? This kit is designed for very different emotional scenarios.”

Each of the 5 pieces  are intended to provide a different comfort in times of mental distress which includes a stethoscope designed to help the user tune into their breathing, a padded vest to give people confidence in stressful situations, third eye glasses that help remind the user to look at the world with a different perspective, stress-busting speakers that visualize sound with blue ink, and a breathing mask that emits calming essential oils.


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