US-Mexico Border Wall Seesaw

Two California-based professors have come up with a way to bring people on both sides of U.S.-Mexico border together. A neon pink seesaw is bringing smiles to those who are just steps away from each other, between El Paso in Texas and Ciudad Juarez in Mexico. “If you do something on one side, it will have an impact on the other side …  it’s the same with the seesaw,” said architect Ronald Rael.’s Stephanie Officer explains how the seesaw finally came into fruition, after 10 years in the making.

The C4AA Streaming Soiree


Looking to be inspired and empowered by some of the best artists/activists in the biz while also supporting their work?!? Look no further than The Center For Artistic Activism’s Streaming Soiree.

Here’s an excerpt with more details on what it is and why they’re doing this:

We want to spend time this year getting cozier with good people. It keeps all of us inspired. So these hangouts are a way to make sure we’re all connected and feel like we’re in a community.

And we are raising funds to support C4AA’s work. Our passionate focus right now is helping new leaders – we’re passing along our experience, skills and contacts to people new to this work, people who don’t have access to training and networks. We care about creating a global community of people who are doing artistic activism really well, and are making significant strides in social and environmental justice.

Your donations are critical because while most of our funding comes from foundations, it is rare to find funders who support the fundamental costs of running an organization. We need your help to keep the servers roaring, pay staff/interns/residents to do the necessary admin tasks, keep communications flowing to broadcast what we do and find partners, and block out time for our directors and board to think about what’s next.  Very few large funders allow us to use their grants in this way.

This is why we need individual donors and small foundations to support us in the invisible work of running the C4AA.

We’ve got our tickets. Get yours HERE!