HUG is an app that allows you to send a remote “hug” that people can feel. Dubbed the worlds first emoji you can feel. Doesn’t beat the real thing of course, but I guess if I was halfway around the world my mom would appreciate the gesture, or be freaked out about putting her cell phone against her heart for too long due to cell phone radiation. Either way it’s the thought that counts and fake hugs are better than no hugs at all, I suppose.

Quality Time

Quality Time is an Android app that helps you monitor and get real time reports on how much time you spend on your smartphone and on your favorite apps.

You can set usage limits for your phone or for specific apps and receive alerts when you exceed your limits. You can also kick you phone overuse habit with the “Take a Break” feature, to digitally unplug yourself from your phone.

As they say “life is what happens to you while you’re looking at your smartphone.” Quality time will help you get your life back, or at least make you realize how much time you’re wasting on your DUMB smartphone!


SnapDonate is a new ‘magic lens’ app that enables you to make quick one-off donations to your choice of charity even if you have no cash on you. Simply point your phone at a charity logo and the app will automatically recognise it. You then select the amount to donate which is sent via JustGiving, the world’s top platform for fundraisers.

(via Netted By The Webbys)


FoodTweeks is an app that helps you feed families by trimming calores. For every calorie you trim foodtweeks donates nutritious meals to a local food bank. Their mission is to help people eat in a sustainable way , while helping end hunger in America.

I know Candy Crush was cool and all, but an app that allows you to cut calories and donate them to feed the hungry?! Candy Crush I’m sorry but I have to make room for my new FoodTweek app. It’s not you. It’s me.