Body Notes

Photographer Sonja Lovdal explores the idea of becoming a professional retoucher in her series “Body Notes”. She states:

“As a retoucher you will receive many photos with drawn lines, arrows and circles meant to show flaws on the model that are to be corrected in Photoshop. Sentences like “fill in hair” and “smooth skin” are very common. 

While playing around with the idea of becoming a professional retoucher, some of the thoughts going through my mind were about the morals involved in making models skinnier, photoshopping their skin flawless etc. How far is a client allowed to go with their notes on the model?

While notes that tell you to take in the waistline are very acceptable for most people, notes on for example mental disorders or self-expression and style probably would be frowned upon. 

“Body Notes” is a criticism of society and our harsh standards for young people to live up to.”


The All New “We Are All Barbie Girls” Collection

colleen clark

colleen clark

colleen clark

colleen clark

Artist Colleen Clark was approached by Marie Claire South Africa to draw what a feminist barbie might look like. Inspired by “the idea that feminism is as simple as accepting others and yourself unconditionally,” Colleen came up with a line representing many different types of woman rather than just one.

As you can see above Colleen NAILED IT!