FiLIP, Wearable phone and locator for kids

When Sten Kirkbak lost his 3-year old son Filip for thirty minutes, it inspired the idea for ‘FiLIP’: a wearable Smart Locator and Phone for kids designed to keep parents and their young children in touch. Every parent wants their child to have the freedom to explore, discover and just be a kid. Now parents can stay in touch on any adventure. Visit for more information or to buy FiLIP.

This is a game changer for kids safety and parents piece of mind!

I don’t have kids but this is so cool I would have a kid just to buy them this watch. On second thought scratch that, I’ll buy one for my niece and nephews instead!

Quality Time

Quality Time is an Android app that helps you monitor and get real time reports on how much time you spend on your smartphone and on your favorite apps.

You can set usage limits for your phone or for specific apps and receive alerts when you exceed your limits. You can also kick you phone overuse habit with the “Take a Break” feature, to digitally unplug yourself from your phone.

As they say “life is what happens to you while you’re looking at your smartphone.” Quality time will help you get your life back, or at least make you realize how much time you’re wasting on your DUMB smartphone!

Admit It

Image of ADMIT IT Tickets

Get your Admit It Tickets Now!

“We usually know exactly what we need to hear, but sometimes it can be hard to accept or acknowledge that. Give yourself, or someone else, permission to face reality.

You’ll get ten paper admission tickets, individually numbered and hand stamped, shipped folded (but not detached).

Collect 100 tickets to trade in for fabulous prizes! That’s a joke, you are your own prize.” 

(via Adam J K. Internet Gift Shop)