This Tortoise Could Save A Life

By watching this, you have donated to Save the Children and Refugee Council. YouTube gives advertising revenue to whoever uploads a video. The more views on the video, the more money we receive. We will pass all that money on to charities (LINKS BELOW). Share this video to make an impact. With thanks to Alan Rickman.

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12 Kinds of Kindness

We’ve all heard popular sayings like, “Treat others the way you would like to be treated” and “Don’t judge another until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.” Tim and Jessie wanted to take these sentiments and literally apply them to their own lives. Based on 12-step programs designed to change behaviors, they created a 12-step experiment as a way to confront their own apathy and selfishness. For 12 months, Tim and Jessie attempted to open their hearts, eyes and minds to become kinder, more empathetic people.

Follow their story at and make your own steps here.

Pay It Forward

Pay it forward: 75 ideas to build a better world. 

You may not even realize it, but a small effort on your part can change someone’s day. This book is designed to give you some examples of what you can do to make a difference. Your challenge is to wake up each day with the purpose of spreading a little love. As you read through the tasks, feel free to alter each idea to fit your location, abilities, resources or culture. Once complete, use the space at the bottom of each page to reflect on the results. Over the course of your journey, we hope you discover the joys of human nature and how wonderful paying it forward can feel.


Generosity by Indiegogo

Generosity, launched by Indiegogo, is a fundraising community built for personal and social causes.

We built Generosity to give Indiegogo users a new community for showing and sharing their compassion through personal fundraising. Generosity helps cancer patients with bills and students with tuition. Generosity boosts humanitarian efforts into new countries and helps nonprofits move quickly with their causes. Generosity fills the gap at the end of a tough month and supports the village after the storm.
Generosity is human goodness on a grand scale.   
All you need is love Generosity.


SnapDonate is a new ‘magic lens’ app that enables you to make quick one-off donations to your choice of charity even if you have no cash on you. Simply point your phone at a charity logo and the app will automatically recognise it. You then select the amount to donate which is sent via JustGiving, the world’s top platform for fundraisers.

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I just met the genie of the internet today, and it goes by the name of Crowdwish, a site aiming to become the web’s ultimate wishlist.

Crowdwish says it is based on 3 simple observations. First, that everyone on earth has hopes, dreams, and ambitions for the future. Secondly, whatever that hope or dream someone else, somewhere is going to want the same thing. Thirdly, the greater number of people who want something the more likely it is to be delivered.

Based on those observations every 24 hours they take the most popular demand and do whatever they can to action it, on behalf of the people who asked for it.

So go and get your wish on.

One Percent Foundation

The One Percent Foundation makes philanthropy accessible to Millennials+ and empowers them to change the world together. One Percent Foundation’s goal is to inspire young adults to give at least 1% of their income to philanthropic causes.

Through their programs their vision is to build a movement of young philanthropist, and I think they do a dang good job.

Release you inner philanthropist through one of their programs here. 

Cardboard Boxes To Help The Homeless

DePaul UK

DePaul UK

DePaul UK

DePaul UK

A charity in London called DePaul UK sells these cardboard boxes as a business it started to help the homeless. In their own words:

The Depaul Box Company is open for business.Our home removal boxes look, cost and work just the same as any others. But these boxes change lives. All the profits come to Depaul UK. So when you buy your boxes from The Depaul Box Company, you’ll be helping us make sure a young person won’t have to sleep on one. Brilliant!

So next time you or someone you know moves buy your boxes from The DePaul Box Company Here.

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