Skin Tone Colored Sodas

Skin Tone-Colored Sodas

Ali Cola believes that it doesn’t matter if you’re black or white or brown or yellow so they made a soda collection to prove it. Dubbed the first cola in different skin colors. It’s a cola for more tolerance. Here’s what the company had to say:

“Outside, they are different. Inside all the same. What should apply to people all over the world now applies to Cola. More precisely: for ALICOLA. The first cola in different skin colors. A cola for more tolerance. #Tolerance tastes good

I don’t really do cola but Ali Cola may change my mind.

(via TrendHunter)

First World Problem Store.

First World Problem Store is an online store that helps you treat your first world problems in order to raise funds for aids.

Here’s a description from the website:

“Everyone has luxury problems from time to time, and that’s great! A luxury problem has never been this valuable! Profits of First World Problem Pills will be used by Aids Fonds to provide everyone with access to HIV medication. So your personal problem is in fact helping solve a much bigger problem. Buying First World Problem Pills doesn’t make you a diva, but a hero!

First World Problem Pills are 100% peppermint and solve all your everyday dilemmas. They are also 100% placebo and 100% of the profit goes to Aids Fonds’ aim to provide HIV medication to people who can’t afford it. Medication for medication that is.

Nearly 22 million people worldwide don’t have access to HIV medication. Which results in many people still unnecessarily dying from the results of AIDS. Nobody should die of AIDS because of lack of medication. The profits of these First World Problem Pills will be used by Aids Fonds to provide people with access to HIV medication. These are medicine for medicine. Which means that our luxury problems can help solve a much bigger problem.”


Reclaiming Mein Kampf – I AM

Artist Tara Evans altered book project I AM, transforms Hilter’s hateful Mein Kampf into something positive. She says:

I purchased this book at the Chicago Printers Row Lit Fest in 2005. Growing up, I knew this book was filled with hate but I had never read any of it. I decided to purchase it and read it so that I might face, head-on, the language that inspired hate.

One must never forget.

The beginning of the book was somewhat innocuous and spoke of community and a government for all with only pepperings of negative wording. The chapter that shifted the gears was ‘Nation and Race’.

I have used a found poetry technique to change the sentiment of this entire chapter- to turn his own words into something positive.  Included in this book is about fifty hours of coffee shop wordsmithing and painting over vile text.

It was incredibly satisfying to obliterate the ideals of a madman and I sometimes found myself smiling at the outcome.

I AM in love with this. Thank you Tara Evans!

The 1.25 Diet

The 1.25 Diet is a way to support the 1 billion people who live on less than $1.25 a day. You simply pick a day where you restrict yourself to consume food for 1.25 and donate the rest of the money you would have regularly spent to someone in need.

“In the developing world people are starving. More than a billion people live on less than $1.25 a day. Meanwhile in privileged countries it’s fashionable to be on a diet. Is that what you would call irony? Well, here’s the latest one…The 1.25 Diet. But unlike other diets, this one can make a difference.For real.Not just for the one person losing a couple of pounds, but for the 1 billion people who live below the poverty line. Take a moment and ask yourself a question…How much do you spend a day on food? $20? $40?  Whatever the answer is, pick a day to participate in the diet, simply by consuming food for no more than $1.25. You’ll experience these people’s every day reality. And discover how hard it is to manage. But maybe most importantly…All the money you save that day, you donate to those in need.”

Looks like I’ll be going on a diet folks! Join me?


If you watched the Super Bowl last night then you probably saw this commercial. It made me laugh and then I was curious. So what was it all about?

Well, Jeff feels the world is filled with too many restless people in need of rest so with the help of Squarespace he made a new mini-site and created his sleeping tapes album filled with intriguing sounds, noises and other things to help you get a good night’s rest.

100% of the retail price from each album sold goes directly to No Kid Hungry. So you’ll get a good night’s rest knowing that when you download the album, or pick up the LP or cassette, you’re helping end childhood hunger in America.

Catch some z’s and make a difference. Count me in.

Thanks Jeff and Squarespace!

Design Rebel: Socially Conscious Design

Design Rebel:Socially Conscious Design is an online SkillShare class by design activist Noah Scalin.

So what’s it all about?

“Design is encountered constantly in your everyday life. . . even more than you encounter advertisements. There is tremendous power in design as a means to communicate with the world. There is a way to do it right, and a way to do it wrong. In this class, Noah will teach you how to harness your creativity to design for social good.

In this class, design activist Noah Scalin will take you through a history of design activism and the socially conscious design projects that inspire movements. You’ll be equipped with the inspiration and conceptual tools to harness your passion and create good with it. Anyone can be a design rebel, you just have to make the choice to use your skills to proliferate what you believe in. This class is the place to start!”

Creativity + Activism… Eharmony couldn’t have picked a better match. Join us and enroll in the class HERE.