FiLIP, Wearable phone and locator for kids

When Sten Kirkbak lost his 3-year old son Filip for thirty minutes, it inspired the idea for ‘FiLIP’: a wearable Smart Locator and Phone for kids designed to keep parents and their young children in touch. Every parent wants their child to have the freedom to explore, discover and just be a kid. Now parents can stay in touch on any adventure. Visit for more information or to buy FiLIP.

This is a game changer for kids safety and parents piece of mind!

I don’t have kids but this is so cool I would have a kid just to buy them this watch. On second thought scratch that, I’ll buy one for my niece and nephews instead!

Date to Door

Box 1.JPG

Date to Door is everything you need for an amazing date in one box. Date to Door was created to make relationships and marriages better by providing creative dates that encourage couples to take the time to really date each other.

You simply choose between a one, three, or six month plan and a creative date is planned, boxed, and shipped straight to your door on the second week of every month. Everything you need for an awesome date with your other half will be provided in your date-in-a-box.

Romeo, Cupid, and I all totally approve of Date to Door and I will definitely be using this!

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Will I Make A Good Superhero? Chart


Will I Make A Good Superhero? is a stupendously handy poster aid that will help you answer that very question.

You’re considering a career as a superhero. You’re itching to know what you’ll wear, how you’ll schedule your day, the types of foes you’ll face. Display this chart in your home, office, or fortress to tackle these hard questions before ridding the world of evil.

This much needed poster for any aspiring superhero is available for purchase here.

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