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Indiegogo Life makes it easy to raise funds for yourself or a loved one (e.g. to pay medical costs, veterinary bills, or even tuition) or to celebrate a life event like a wedding.

Introducing Indiegogo Life: The easy way to raise money for yourself or someone you love.

Whether it’s a wedding, medical emergency, pet needing veterinary care, or even college tuition, Indiegogo Life is here to help.

Our new service offers tailored features like one-on-one support, and simplified set-up and sharing tools—to make fundraising effortless and easy. There are also no platform fees, so running a fundraiser is free.

We feel it’s important for individuals to have all the funds they need, whenever they need, and it’s our mission to make this happen in the best way possible.

Together we can make a difference—one life at a time.

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And that my friends is what we call AWESOME.

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Mosquito Bite

“I think, strangely, the one that irritates me the most is that there are 3,000 Africans, mostly children, going to die today of a mosquito bite. Malaria is the No. 1 killer in Africa. Do you know what it would take to fix that? A net. A bed net. It costs hardly anything,” he said.

– Bono (in an interview about the dire conditions facing Africa today.)

This is heart breaking and I couldn’t even finish reading the article without donating a net. No human being should have to die because of a mosquito bite that could have been prevented with a simple $10 net. If you want to help, donate a net here.

GOOD Launches It’s New and Improved Website/Platform

GOOD has gotten even better with their recent launch of the new website/platform making it even easier to act,connect, and collaborate for good. For those who don’t already know what GOOD is:

GOOD is a global community of people who give a damn.

This is our new platform — a gathering place and a growing toolkit for pragmatic idealists to creatively and collaboratively engage with each other, our communities, and our world.

Connect with awesome people and organizations, and engage with them around topics and issues you care about.

Vist the new and improved GOOD Here.

Need Help?

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What is 2-1-1?

Every hour of every day, hundreds of people need essential human services – they are looking for training, employment, food pantries, help for an aging parent, addiction prevention programs for their teenage children, affordable housing options, support groups and ways of becoming part of their community. 2-1-1 allows people to give help and to get help.

2-1-1 is an easy to remember telephone number that, where available, connects people with important community services and volunteer opportunities. In 2010, 2-1-1 services in the United States answered more than 16.4 million calls. The implementation of 2-1-1 is spearheaded by United Ways and information and referral agencies in states and local communities. United Way Worldwide (UWW) and the Alliance for Information and Referral Systems (AIRS) strongly support federal funding so that every American has access to this essential service. (source 2-1-1 Website)

To Give or Get help dial 2-1-1 or click HERE. Visit the Website for more info HERE