Weekend Links


10 things Science says will make you happy. Agreed.

What Ikea says about the human condition.

33 painfully true facts about everyday life. hahaha.

Why we laugh. Interesting.

Report Indicates That More and More Office Workers Are Switching to Fetal Position Desks. Trying this out on Monday.

Do One Thing Everyday That Scares You.

Swear Jar. Better then Mom washing your sailor mouth out with soap.

Mental Game of Thrones.

Don’t grow up. It’s a trap. Yup.

Lack self confidence? Try Kanye-fidence today! hahaha. Genius.

Whatever you’re feeling. Whatever you’re going through. keep Marching On.



Weekend Links

(because laughter really is the best medicine)

This app helps you get out of awkward situations, Tickle

This online course will teach you How To Change The World

Your life expectancy by location.

Sorry I’m such an A** Hole, sometimes. Say it with balloons!

Weight loss is the new weight gain.

Tug of War used to be an Olympic Sport (bring it back and sign me up!)

Have a goal

End 1st World Problems.

This 1950s video guide teaches you how to live off the land. You know, just in case.