This Tortoise Could Save A Life

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(Found on Laughing Squid)

Saving Lives With A Song

I love helping people and I love One Republic, So the two together, well that’s Love squared which equals a lot of love.

And before you get even more lost, let me get to the point which is the Every Beat Matters Project (backing Save the Children and the Ad Council’s new Every Beat Matters campaign)

For the project One Republic traveled the world recording actual heartbeats of children in need and then used the heartbeats to create an original song you can download to help save milllions of children.

Here’s what the president and CEO of Save The Children had to say:

“OneRepublic has done something very magical and children around the world stand to benefit,” said Save the Children’s President & CEO, Carolyn Miles. “Just as children’s heartbeats inspired ‘Feel Again,’ this powerful song can inspire people to help save children’s lives. They can do that by downloading the song and by joining Save the Children’s newborn and child survival campaign at”

via Mashable