Go F#@king Do It

“Procrastination is one of the most common and deadliest of diseases and its toll on success and happiness is heavy.” — Wayne Gretzky

Go F#@king Do It helps you reach your goals by making you put your money where your mouth is. It’s very simple on purpose, you simply enter a goal, a deadline, and the amount you’ll pay if you don’t hit your goal by then and you pick a friend (called a supervisor) who will check if you actually did it. If they say you have, everything is fine and you are not charged. If they say you haven’t you are charged the amount you set. (assuming your supervisor is honest, and if they’re not it kind of defeats the point.)

So who does the money go to? The founder of the site, of course! And that in itself is supposed to be a part of the incentive to hit your goals as having the money go to the supervisor (your friend) or a charity would decrease the pain threshold.

Go Fucking Do It is Nike’s mantra on steroids, so go and get ‘er done folks!

A collection of wallpaper’s that remind us to “stop looking at our phones and enjoy the f***ing moment

Designer and artist Molly McLeod created this collection of wallpapers that serve as a subtle reminder that life is what happens all around us when we’re busy looking down at our cell phones.

Urging you to enjoy the moment instead of taking a picture or look around you instead of down at your phone, these wallpapers give us a gentle nudge away from technology and back towards humanity.

You can download this much needed awesomeness here.

(Found on DesignTAXI)