The Thx Co.

Thx is a social good brand, working with a nonprofit spirit. With each purchase, they let you donate any amount you’d like to any registered nonprofit in America. Shop + Give at

Thx sells all of their products at cost so there is no sky high retail markup which allows you to save money and if you so choose give it to the causes you care most about.

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Wants For Sale / Needs For Sale

Imagine painting something you wanted like a piece of pizza or a gold watch and then all the sudden that painting becomes real, and you get exactly what you painted.

That would be AMAZING.

I guess the only thing that would be more amazing is if it really happened. Well enter artists Christine & Justin Gignac, who started a project called Wants For Sale:


Wants For Sale was started in July 2007 by Christine & Justin Gignac. All of the paintings on Wants For Sale are the price of the actual item shown in the painting, whether that’s “A Slice of Pepperoni Pizza” for $3.00 or “A Gold Watch” for $287.19. After each painting is sold, the original wanted item is purchased and photographed for this very website you are on right now.

Prices of paintings can range anywhere from $0 to $1,000,000 and may be of general wants or part of a series like “A Vegas Vacation” or “As Seen On TV.”

After working on this project for a couple months they realized something they both really wanted was the ability to help others, with that in mind they created Needs For Sale:


Needs for Sale was started in November 2007 as a way to inspire others to help charities with the incentive of art.

Each painting represents a need that we would like to fill. From toys for kids at Christmas, to food for the hungry, to building supplies for people who have lost their homes.

100% of each sale will be donated to charity. So whether you want some good karma for your walls, or just like the picture we painted, it all helps make a difference.

Visit Wants For Sale and Needs For Sale here